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Pink Sugar

Happy Valentine's Day

L'Univers de Sophie invites you to celebrate this day of love with a delicious and fun brunch. With our fresh and tasty dishes, you can be sure that your Valentine's Day will be a memorable one.  Come celebrate with us and reserve your dish now!




Waffle, custard and fresh strawberries

A warm, fluffy waffle, served with soft, velvety custard and juicy, sweet strawberries.

Vegetable and cheese omelet

A fluffy egg with a combination of crunchy greens and melted cheese that melt together in your mouth.

Hash browns with bacon

Potatoes crispy on the outside and melting on the inside, sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.

Maple sausages and ham

Juicy sausages wrapped in soft, sweet ham, seasoned with maple syrup.

Sophie's bins

Soft rolls filled with melting cheese and crispy ham.


Fresh fruit and chocolate sauce

Fresh fruit cut and served with a deliciously smooth and creamy chocolate sauce

100% butter croissant and/or chocolatine

Crispy and soft croissants or a fondant chocolatine, all made with 100% fresh butter.

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