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image de l'extérieur de la batisse du restaurant l'Univers de Sophie


Image de la propriétaire de l'univers de Sophie dans son restaurant


I have no hiding, no secrets. A beautiful large open book. I share everything, no taboos, no too heavy subject, I can discuss all subjects of the human condition. Do not ask me, however, to talk about politics or geography, these are not my strong assets!

Authenticity is one of my most important values ​​and I am! Be real please be you! It's so refreshing and we have so much to gain from being true. I don't know about you, but I no longer have patience for anything superficial. It's pretty much the only thing someone can do to displease me.

To me, people are beautiful and good. Am I naive? It is quite possible, but I much prefer naivety to mistrust. With a few exceptions, I rarely get it wrong. The people around me, my friends, my family, my employees are all extraordinary people.

And now, the heart of my life is at Sophie's Universe. This is where I welcome you, where I have the pleasure of interacting with you, getting to know you and making new encounters that are just as enriching for each other .


Welcome to my life, well into my Universe

Sophie xxx



Sophie's universe is first and foremost an experience. A nice, friendly and welcoming experience. Impossible to achieve this without a passionate, dedicated team who cultivate the philosophy that makes Sophie's universe a unique place, where a comforting atmosphere accompanies dishes that are just as so. Discover these stars which gravitate in my universe.

Stéfanie at your service

If you are used to L'Univers de Sophie, you certainly know the beautiful Stéfanie.

Stéfanie has worked with me since the very beginning of my adventure, she is not only an extraordinary employee, but she has become my loyal accomplice. Her positive energy is contagious, her vivacity is inspiring.

She always welcomes you with the same sincere enthusiasm.

Je l'aime d'amour!

image d'une des employé du restaurant de l'univers de Sophie à St-Zotique
image d'un boulangé employé du restaurant de l'univers de Sophie à St-Zotique

Regis the baker

Régis is much more than my baker, than my employee. He is also my brother-in-law and I love him to love my sister with care, with tenderness, with listening, with all his heart.

He's a friend, a man I can trust. A strong, good man who listens without judgment.


He exercises his profession according to the rules of the art. Without any compromise. He is proud of his art and with good reason. Her bread, her dough are shaped with so much love that inevitably the result is love. It takes a lot of instinct and feeling to do this job.


He is also a guide, a sage, a visionary. I owe him a lot. And if you enjoy a wood-fired pizza today, it's thanks to him.

Constantin the chief

With more than 20 years of experience in the kitchen in addition to being a graduate of L'Académie de Rouen in France. He has a great deal of experience. I could also tell you about his impressive work experience and all the positions he has held in the French West Indies, the United States, France or Canada, but I prefer to talk to you about him.

Constantin is one of those great strong men who, upon his arrival in my universe, was able to lighten the weight on my shoulders. He has immersed himself in the culture of L'Univers de Sophie with respect and brings his own touch to it. Always in a good mood, and positive, it is a pleasure to meet him every morning.

We quickly developed a great bond and we share the same values.

image du chef cuisinier du restaurant de l'univers de Sophie à St-Zotique

Isabelle the pastry chef

My Universe is particularly rich in high quality humans. This is my sister, Isabelle.

A woman whom I admire a lot, with a great generosity of heart. An extraordinary artist that I have the privilege to exhibit in my bistro. A mom, a friend, a yoga teacher, a pastry chef. I call it my lavender bouquet because it soothes me and makes my happiness. I wish you all an Isabelle in your life.

She shapes my life and the deserts at L'Univers with lot of love.

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